Vaccine Education Certification Course

Vax 101 is back & Early Bird Enrollment is NOW OPEN! Helping Parents & Professionals Call The Shots 💉 Class Begins on September 6th This 6-week online course taught by Dr. Henele and Brittney Kara will guide you through all aspects of vaccine education that you need to know. ADDITIONAL BONUS! LIVE Interactive Classes with Brittney Kara & Dr. Henele will be held EVERY FRIDAY at 10am PST PLUS you will have exclusive access to our PRIVATE FACEBOOK community for support! We teach the following topics in-depth so that you can be fully informed: ⚖️ Understand Vaccine Laws and Your Parental Rights 🧐Uncover CDC Surveillance and Vaccine Efficacy 💉 Learn what is actually in a vaccine and how it

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