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Migraine Headaches Health Cert $99.jpg
Sinus and Allergies Health Cert $99.jpg
Sciatica Health Cert $99.jpg
ADHD Health Cert $99.jpg
Asthma Health Cert $99.jpg
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Low Back Pain Health Cert $99.jpg
Blood Pressure Health Cert $99.jpg
Stress Health Cert $99.jpg
Posture Analysis Health Cert $99.jpg
Health Certificate Protocol
(Example below)
Marketing Note:  
Health Certificates are to be PURCHASED from your office.
Similar to how you would purchase a GIFT CARD from another business. 
(Our team does NOT recommend posting copies of your Health Certificates on social media)
Inner Office Protocol

To be presented/purchased as a GIFT CERTIFICATE from your patients for their:

  • Significant Others

  • Family Members

  • Co-Workers

  • Friends

Additional Notes:

A) When filling out your health certificate, we recommend a 4 week expiration date from the day the certificate is purchased from your office.

B) Health Certificates work well when used in conjunction with the Condition of the Month protocols.

C) Space has been allotted for you to ADD your Clinic Name, Address, and Phone Number to the Center / Bottom of the Health Certificate.

Marketing Tip:

  • Keep printed copies of each Health Certificate on file.

       (IE: Ready for use)

  • Have Your Health Certificates Professionally Printed on Card Stock / Heavy Paper.

       (IE: Office Depot, Staples, Local Print Shop)


External Protocol

  • Health Talks / Presentations

  • Spinal Screenings

  • Health Fairs, etc...


To be sold as an introductory offer.

*As always, check your state and federal chiropractic promotional regulations. 

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