The Chiropractic M.O.A.B.

The Mother of All Bombs!

Three Simply "Explosive" Chiropractic Marketing Facts about the M.O.A.B.

with Tony Seymour

CEO of Leadership Meetings

Chiropractors can either continue to kill their practices by continuing to try to chase down patients only to get their efforts blown up OR get serious about growing their practice by launching an air campaign while dropping The Mother Of All Bombs!

How many times have you spent your hard earned money and countless hours developing a marketing piece or campaign ONLY to have your money & time blow up in your face??? Yep...that sounds familiar because unfortunately, chiropractors make this mistake all the stinking time!

Yep. There is a good reason your legs and for that matter, your entire chiropractic marketing plan is tired and worn out! (Yeah, no kidding!) My legs would be tired too! Always running around trying to chase down a new patient here and there! THEN running all the back while attempting to keep your existing patients "value cup" full.

Folks, the above scenario is what is called "The Ground Game"

I'd like to introduce you to "The Mother of All Bombs"

Something called an "Air Campaign"

Hhhhmm....take a really good guess to which one?




D) All of the above.

Here are 3 Simple Facts about Launching a Successful "Chiropractic Marketing Air Campaign"...ENJOY!

Marketing Fact #1:

Video Marketing (The Mother of All Bombs) is BY FAR the most effective way of marketing on the planet. (PERIOD) There is a very simple reason why the pharmaceutical companies spend 96% of their marketing budgets on video marketing BECAUSE IT WORKS! However, here we are in chiropractic playing the ground game while passing out flyers, spending countless hours setting up health talks, and spinal screenings with low or no serious results. There is absolutely no reason to "wonder why" the chiropractic message is the best-kept secret in health care today...and is consistently playing second fiddle to MD's.

Folks, IT IS NOT THE DRUG COMPANIES' FAULT! It's our own fault. Chiropractors simply have NOT implemented the most powerful marketing weapon in the heath care marketing battle...VIDEO MARKETING! It is SIMPLY CRAZY to believe chiropractors are going to have a significant effect on local markets without The Mother of All Bombs...Video Marketing. That is a very simple & powerful concept if you'll hold on to it.

Marketing Fact #2:

When you run in won't make forward progress!

Having personally coached over 400 chiropractic offices for 15 years you might say I've picked up on a few things inside of the broken system which is chiropractic marketing.

The idea of marketing is to grow your business....that is a fairly basic concept and widely understood (or at least should be a general understanding of marketing...LOL) However, take a close look at it: Is it what chiropractors are doing? Nope.

Take a good hard look at what you've done to market your practice over the past 12 months. Now, take a good, hard look at what your marketing plans are for the next 12 you see the problem? Kind of looks like running around in a circle doesn't it? THAT IS WHERE LEADERSHIP MEETING VIDEO MARKETING STOPS THE MADNESS! The marketing plans and model we use at Leadership Meetings will have AND the marketing we produce for you today will CONTINUE to produce new patients for you 1, 2, 3,10 and 20 years from now! Without you having to do ANYTHING in return. That, is marketing terms, is what is called a "fantastic idea".

Marketing Fact #3:

Your Chiropractic Website is broken.

Not to implement professional video marketing, coupled with the SEO tools Leadership Meetings offers on your website (not to mention social media) is a HUGE MISTAKE and is costing you a lot of time and a lot of money. See Marketing Facts #1 and #2 above for further details...

Chiropractic Leadership Marketing ties everything in the items mentioned above to get your message out to your local community the right way. It is about time chiropractic stops chasing its own tail (ground game) while expecting to make forward progress...unless of course chiropractors want to stay in the old way of marketing while having the pharmaceutical companies to drop the Mother Of All Bombs (Video Marketing) on chiropractic day after's time for chiropractors to get in the Air Campaign game and start dropping our own M.O.A.B's.

There is a very good reason people say: Leadership Meetings is the Home of the #ChiroBoom!

The Mother of All Bottom Lines:

"Video marketing is 8-12 more effective than traditional marketing" ~ Forbes


1) New patients in the door.

2) Reactive countless patients

3) Educate your ENTIRE patient base...

"The Mother Of All Bombs" VIDEO TESTIMONIALS:


Additional Fun Fact:

"You can't drop "The Mother Of All Bombs" while playing around on the ground."

If you are ready to get your air campaign off the ground & fly with Chiropractic Leadership Marketing simply:





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