Vaccine Education Certification Course

Vax 101

Vax 101 is an interactive 6 Online Course focusing on:

Vaccine Education 💉

Informed Consent 📜

Parental Rights 👨‍👩‍👦

Medical Freedom 🇺🇸

Holistic Nutrition 🍏


 LIVE Interactive Sessions with Brittney Kara & Dr. Henele

will be held EVERY FRIDAY at 10am PST 

-  Vax 101 Course Includes -

Vax 101 Lessons & Topics

Lesson 1

Vaccine Ingredients & Side Effects

Mom 2 Mom: The Best Place for Parents to Start Their Research

Lesson 2

History of the CDC Vaccine Schedule

Why Babies Under 24 Months are All Risk & No Reward


The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

Mom to Mom: Setting up Your Kitchen for Health Success

Lesson 3

Understanding the Law Surrounding the National Vaccine Program

Mom 2 Mom: What Every Parent Should Know

Lesson 4

Vaccine Manufacture

Testing, Approval & Surveillance

Mom 2 Mom: How to Hire (& Fire) a Doctor

Lesson 5

Holistic Nutrition for Healthy Baby Part 1

Nourishing Mitochondria for Energy Production &

The Nervous System for Energetic Health

The 7 Most Common Sources of Pollution

Mom 2 Mom: Talking with Your Spouse & Family about Vaccines

Lesson 6

Holistic Nutrition for Healthy Baby Part 2

Nourishing Mitochondria for Energy Production &

The Immune System for Energetic Health

Developing Treatment Protocols for Common Vaccine Injuries

Why you Should Treat a Vaccine Like an Infection (if vaccinated)

Mom 2 Mom: Making Sure Your Personal Well is Full

Building Your Support Network


 LIVE Interactive Sessions with Brittney Kara & Dr. Henele

will be held EVERY Friday at 10am PST 

Class Start Date

October 9th, 2020


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Course Authors / Directors
Brittney Kara
Author. Speaker. Activist.
Founder of Matrix Mothers
Brittney Kara


"When you are called 'extreme' for going natural, and poison is considered 'normal', it might be time to find a new tribe." 


Brittney Kara is the Co-Creator of VAX101, the 1st ever Vaccine Education Specialist Certification Course.

Brittney is a leading expert in the areas of holistic living, nutrition, vaccine education and injury, and personal development.


She is a Certified Vaccine Education Specialist, Holistic Health Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Business Success Coach.


Brittney is the author of several books including the Silent Scandal, and Empowered Parenting. She is also the Vice President of Hope Inc Academy, a non-profit dedicated to medical freedom and vaccine injury awareness. Brittney has been featured on radio stations around the world, and is a sought after speaker and trainer.


Through her online classes, downloads, books, and videos Brittney has helped 1000's of people achieve better health, happiness, and freedom in their lives.

To Connect and learn more about Brittney Kara visit:

Dr. Henele
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Founder of the Energetic Health Institute


Dr. Henele is the Co-Creator of VAX101, the 1st ever Vaccine Education Specialist Certification Course.

Dr. Henele – Founder, Executive Community Director, Faculty

If you’ve been searching for a community of healers you can feel good about joining…look no further. And if you haven’t taken a class with Dr. Henele yet, we strongly encourage you to watch any of the hundreds of videos available on YouTube or be our special guest at an upcoming Master Class or Love Without Limits Meditation on our Facebook Page. Students who want to know how to make Natural Medicines, like Holistic Nutrition, really work trust Dr. H with their professional development. He’s dedicated decades and tens of thousands of hours to unlocking the secrets of making Natural Medicine really work and more importantly, how to teach it to you so you can make it really work too.

Dr. Henele

When you spend even a little time with him, you can feel his passion…his love…his caring…his sharing…his sense of humor…his light-heartedness…and his depth of experience. You’ll feel like you matter…because you do. It’s not an act or some marketing ploy…with Dr. H, what you see is what you get, and one thing you’re sure to get is a LOT of Love Energy. You’ll feel like you’re needed…because you are now more than ever. And most of all, you’ll feel inspired to ignite the greatest energy living within you.

Dr. Henele is a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a passionate teacher of his life’s work…the healing principles known as Energetic Health. He is the Executive Community Director for the Energetic Health Institute and owner of Genesis Health Systems, a company that specializes in developing dynamic healing arts education and formulations.

Over his two decades in the field of Natural Medicine, Dr. H has authored over 100 published works on Holistic Nutrition, Myofascial “Release Point Therapy’ Bodywork, Cleansing & Detoxification, Medical Marijuana, Vaccines, Meditation, Yoga and the Amazing Human Body including his innovative book Energetic Health Volume 1. He has designed exceptional educational programs for the Energetic Health Institute, Arizona State University, BodyMind Institute (UXL), Energetic Health Seminar Series and several healing arts schools throughout the country.

In 2012, he sold his Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Phoenix to pursue his life-long dream of founding a healing arts school with the ability to transform both education and healthcare…and his dream became the Energetic Health Institute today…aka ‘Our School’. EHI is a home for aspiring healers, brave souls, misfits, nerds, activists, outcasts, and anyone, from any background, that believes in Love. EHI is the school that Dr. Henele always wanted to attend when the healing arts first attracted him…a vibrant student community, an encouraging faculty & administration, and stimulating classes filled with transformational information focused on sustainable energy, health, and happiness.

While his responsibilities for the school are many, he still makes time to work with patients on a weekly basis and conduct free monthly holistic health science webinars designed upon one simple idea…making our world an amazing place to live by healing from within. 

To Learn More about Dr. Henele visit:

Course Description & Highlights

Vaccines can be a very polarizing topic and a tough decision for parents.


VAX101 is here to help you become fully informed so that parents are able to exercise their Constitutional Freedoms to decide what is best for their children.  

VAX 101 is designed for Moms, Dads, and Healthcare Professionals who desire to acquire a comprehensive, fact based education regarding vaccines, their safety, and their side effects. This course has also been designed for parents of vaccine-injured children to impart information to help manage, what in many cases, can be life-long health disabilities for the children.  


Course participants will enjoy an unlimited amount of support, encouragement, personalized attention and Certified Holistic Nutrition information essential for understanding how to nutritionally stabilize a child's nervous system, boost your child's immunity naturally, and optimize their digestive and detoxification performance. 


Weekly Homework assignments to help ensure that our graduates are well versed in reading Vaccine Inserts, Vaccine Information Statements, as well as understanding how to file adverse event reports through VEARS.

All vaccine-related information we utilized in this course is sourced from the FDA, CDC, WHO, VAERS, VICP, NVP, CBER, & the Vaccine Manufacturers themselves.  We have designed the course in this way to ensure that the information being presented regarding Vaccine Side Effects / Contraindications, Ingredients, Media, Surveillance Reports, Injury Reports, Vaccine Federal Law, Disease Incidence / Mortality Rates and the Vaccine Pricing and Profitability Rates can be verified and trusted by all of our course participants. 


We do not promote sensationalizing this polarizing topic...only the verifiable facts to help parents and health care professionals make the best possible decision(s) for their children.  Our mission is to empower parents and professionals with the reality behind the controversial topic of vaccines, their safety and/or the lack thereof.

Enroll in VAX 101 to become a Certified Vaccine Education Specialist. VAX101 includes a weekly LIVE Interactive Video Master Class with Brittney Kara & Dr. Henele as well as your own PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP inside our exclusive Vaccine Education Specialist Facebook Group.

Enroll in VAX101 and become a Certified Vaccine Educations Specialist TODAY!     

This 6 week course includes weekly LIVE Master sessions with Brittney Kara and Dr. Henele and admission inside the VAX101 PRIVATE Facebook Group for Vaccine Education Specialist.  There are homework assignments during the VAX101 course to ensure that our graduates are well versed in vaccine inserts, vaccine information statements, as well as knowing how to file adverse event reports through VAERS and which nutrients are essential for healthy nervous and immune systems.   


“This program was amazing.  I feel prepared to have a well thought out and scientific conversation concerning the dangers of the current CDC vaccine schedule.  Additionally, this course was well researched, presented in a systematic way in order to build upon itself with all of the information.  I loved the instructors and the energy of this school.” - Susanne J

“This was such an amazing class in so many ways, and I am forever grateful” Jessica L

“Thank you so much! This class by far exceeded my expectations. The time and energy you’ve devoted to Vax 101 is evident. All the representations, handouts, links and videos are amazing. You delivered it with such love and compassion! The information I’ve learned is priceless, I can’t thank you enough! I needed answers and I got them. I’m confident in our decisions and prepared to talk with our pediatrician. Vax 101 is exactly what I needed. You all are awesome!” Mandy P

“I truly cannot think of anything that could be done to improve the course. My expectations were completely blown away by what you guys delivered in the course material and content. Will definitely recommend this course to anyone that may be interested!”- Katie A

“What an amazing experience. I believe it was cosmically meant to be, as I was not actively looking for much on Facebook when I saw a post about EHI and its classes. I am currently chasing medical freedom for me and my family, so I was thrilled to learn about the Vax 101 course. I cannot thank you all enough for all your hard work and dedication in this topic and for fighting for our right to our bodies. My experience in this course exceeded my expectations. I greatly appreciate the availability of Dr. H and Brittany and Team when I needed them despite their very busy schedules. I look forward to taking more courses in the future. Absolutely EXCELLENT!! “ - Lori H.

“I absolutely loved doing this course and the support and encouragement I received from all the staff but Brittney in particular. Brittney and Dr. H are 2 genuine, open, and caring people on a path to help our children and future generations. I feel proud to have joined in on their journey and cannot wait to start spreading TRUE knowledge on vaccine safety.

Thank you so much for providing a great course with exceptional course content. I will be recommending to others interested in learning the truth.” - Kate B.

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