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  • Customized Chiropractic Marketing Website 

  • Dynamic SEO Website Package

  • Ebook Campaigns (Hands-Free)

  • Video Uploads / SEO (Unlimited)

  • Email Marketing Integration

  • Search Engine Indexing

  • & much more!

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  • Weekly Email Marketing Campaigns (Hands-Free)

  • Professional Chiropractic Marketing Coach

  • Customized Patient Education Database 

  • Testimonial Video Campaigns

  • Educational Video Campaigns

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  • Professional Chiropractic Marketing Coach

  • Social Media Marketing (Content)

  • Personalized YouTube Marketing

  • Custom Video Graphics

  • & much more!

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What Other Chiropractors Are Saying About Us

"Tony's marketing team goes above and beyond to help with all aspects of your website and any promotional material that you might need!  I'm so glad I made the switch!" ~ Dr. Robert Vallandingham

"Big shout out and thanks to Tony Seymour for all the awesome work he's done for me and my practice! Just over the past 10 days I've gotten multiple patients due to the website he designed for me, and the Google reviews he inspired me to have my patients write. He's enabled me to market my practice without having to actually go out and market my practice every weekend (spinal screenings, etc). He's given me my family time back, and for that, I'm eternally grateful!"

~ Dr. Mike Frezza

"I recommend Tony and his team because I am a doctor and my specialty is neurology and health NOT marketing! I leave that to the professionals! Tony's team consistently is able to take my thoughts/vision and turn them into effective, beautiful and customized marketing materials and websites."  ~ Dr. Amanda Jordan

"Great company and great leader. They are quick and they do take care of you. Would recommend for anyone." ~ Dr. Mohamed Karim

"Tony Seymour's Customized Website Marketing is by far the best platform I have used in website design for my offices. It is very professional and innovative. Tony is well known in the chiropractic industry not only as a consultant and a coach but because of his dedication to the profession. When anyone signs on to his website program he helps tremendously with not only the design but also with great ways to better market your practice. He is very ethical and upfront as well!" ~Dr. Dee Stevens


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Tony Seymour

Chiropractic Website

& SEO Specialist


As a veteran Chiropractic Website & Marketing Specialist, over the past 17+ years Tony Seymour has been honored to work with over 500 chiropractors across all 50 states and internationally. 


Tony Seymour is well known as the innovative leader of Custom Chiropractic Website Designs & Advanced Search Engine Optimization.


Tony and his team provide the highest Performance-Based Chiropractic Websites in the industry at prices that every office can afford. 

If you are looking for a Customized Chiropractic Website that will dominate your local community and consistently produces new patient're in the right place.

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