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"Since using The Chiro Website Pro, the phone calls from potential new patients have increased from never having any to at least 1 to 5 per week! Highly recommend!!!!"  ~ Dr. Linnea P.

"Big shout out and thanks to Tony Seymour for all the awesome work he's done for me and my practice! Just over the past 10 days I've gotten multiple patients due to the website he designed for me, and the Google reviews he inspired me to have my patients write. He's enabled me to market my practice without having to actually go out and market my practice every weekend (spinal screenings, etc). He's given me my family time back, and for that, I'm eternally grateful!"

~ Dr. Mike F.

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"Chiro Website Pro is by far the best platform I have used in website design for my offices. They are very customized, professional, and innovative. When you sign on with their website program they help tremendously with not only the design but also with great ways to better market your practice. Tony Seymour and his team are 100% the best in the business. 5 Stars all the way!!!" ~Dr. Dee S.

"Everything that Tony & his company does is above and beyond what I was expecting!"

~ Dr. Amanda J.

"Tony and his team have been incredibly easy to work with!

We met Tony at a time when we were in transition with our online presence. Past experiences with web providers seemed to be limited to either "cookie cutter" sites or EXTREMELY slow turnaround time to get a great site up and running. Tony showed us that this is just ridiculous and unnecessary.

He created a site for us with OUR personality, voice, and any and all custom content we wanted to provide, and had it up and running in less than 5 days.

We've continued to update and refine our site to stay at the forefront of our market, and Tony has been invaluable at coaching us on the best way to provide the content that is consistent with who WE are, but "packaged" in a way that speaks to our community.

You DEFINITELY need to check out their services for your online presence!"

~ Dr. Brian M.

"Three months ago you couldn’t find us on Google if you tried…now we come up in the second spot!" 

~ Dr. Mike C.

Chiropractic Marketing, Professional Chiropractic Marketing, Chiropractic Website, Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

"The websites Tony and his team have created for me gave me opportunities that I didn't even know existed! If you are looking for professional chiropractic website that works, you can count on Tony Seymour's Team."  ~ Dr. Cotey J.

"Our event went from 2 registered to 62 registered using this system!"

~ Dr. Cally S.

Chiropractic Marketing, Professional Chiropractic Marketing, Chiropractic Website, Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

"Working Tony and the team has simplified my Online Marketing. New patients are coming in the door from online sources. My past patients are finding their way back in the office because of the reminders they are getting. Pain-free marketing ideas! Reduce Your Stress By Giving These Guys a call!" ~ Dr. Yvette E.

"I’ve known Tony for more than 10 years. His marketing is top notch and 2nd to none.  

The results are amazing!" 

~ Dr. Craig G.

Chiropractic Marketing, Professional Chiropractic Marketing, Chiropractic Website, Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

"I have been with Tony for 3 years and have known him personally for over 8. He is without a doubt one of the most honest, and hard working men I know. I trust him with all my heart. If your office is looking for video marketing and or website development don't hesitate to contact him. He will go the extra mile for you, that others just won't. Thanks Tony!" ~ Dr. David L.

"We’ve averaged 6-10 more new patients per month. I've got more freedom to do the things I enjoy. This system is amazing!"

~ Dr. Mike F.

"Tony has been an IMMENSE help with our website and lead generation. He is  professional, available, and expert. Our most recent month we received 10 New Patient opportunities from the website and SEO! Makes life easier!" ~ Dr. Scott I.

"The dude is the real deal.  He produces first class quality work. Not only that, Tony is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met." ~ Dr. Cotey J.

Chiropractic Marketing, Professional Chiropractic Marketing, Chiropractic Website, Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

""Before I went with The Chiro Website Pro, I was always having to chase web providers down to find out what else I needed to do. Now instead, Tony calls me and builds my practice!  Tony has been around a long time…my website is awesome! Our rankings have absolutely  SKYROCKETED!" ~ Dr. Craig G.

"Tony produces fantastic work, the man does exactly what he says."

~ Dr. David K.

Chiropractic Marketing, Professional Chiropractic Marketing, Chiropractic Website, Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

"Tony and his team do an amazing job of marketing your practice and they truly care about you and your practice. The marketing they provide my office with is second to none. Truly fantastic! " ~ Dr. Chris H.

"The top three things Tony’s company has help me with are, #1 get new patients in the door, #2 Reactivate countless patents, #3 educate my ENTIRE patient base!"

~ Dr. Kelly H.

"I recommend Tony and his team because I am a doctor and my specialty is neurology and health NOT marketing! I leave that to the professionals! Tony's team consistently is able to take my thoughts/vision and turn them into effective, beautiful and customized marketing materials and websites." -Dr. Amanda J.

"Great company and great leader. They are quick and they do take care of you. Would recommend for anyone." ~ Dr. Mohamed K.

"Our office has been with Tony for almost 1 year now and we have seen such tremendous growth! Our website was old and antiquated and we really had no social media presence at all. Since becoming members we have been able to reactive existing patients and reach out to potential new patients with much less effort than before. This company, along with Tony is top notch. The love, caring and support we receive is above excellent and we couldn’t be happier with our results!"

- Susan F.

"Tony has been great to work with. He's very responsive to tweaks and changes for our website and is a WEALTH of knowledge when it comes to creative ways to get our message out and attract our ideal clients in our target market." ~ Michelle M.

"It's not what you know, it's who you know. And, I know Tony! Chiropractors need a webmaster who speaks Chiropractic. Tony's that guy. He's flexible, available and a pro. Call and try him." ~ Dr. Robert Z.

Chiropractic Website Pro

"Tony's marketing team goes above and beyond to help with all aspects of your website and any promotional material that you might need!  I'm so glad I made the switch!" ~ Dr. Robert V.

"The Chiro Website Pro is great to work with. They get things done fast and are very easy to work with!"

~ Dr. Tim S.

1 Sexton Pro Pic.jpg

"A big shout out to The Chiro Website Pro team. When it comes to value - they can’t be beat. Use The Chiro Website Pro and watch your practice grow."

~ Dr. George F.

"What an incredible experience working with Tony!  Outstanding, professional, timely and focused.  His passion for people and his commitment to helping me be successful is remarkable!  Best in the business!  Thank you Tony for all your help!"

~ Dr. Joe P.

"Tony is a top performer! His long history in the chiropractic profession uniquely qualifies him to develop custom marketing websites that emphasize your unique practice style and messaging while bringing you more of the ideal patients you desire." ~ Dr. Bernie S.

"I have been a client for a little over a year.  Tony provides exceptional service at a very reasonable price.  I would recommend his service to any chiropractor needing a website.  Ranked #1! Great Job!"

~ Dr. Mark K.

"My wife and I are happy that we changed our website provider service to The Chiro Website Pro. Tony and the team are always available to take our call, answer our questions and are open to suggestions on updating our site. He is very knowledgeable on marketing strategies and what would be the best ones to use. We highly recommend The Chiro Website Pro. 5 Stars!"  ~Dr. Paul P.

"Tony Seymour has helped me get New Patients in the door, Reactivate Countless Patients, and really help me educate my ENTIRE PATIENT BASE!  You can not go wrong with Tony Seymour and marketing the way he does. Massive Results!" ~ Dr. Kelly H.

"Confidence in our professional, adaptable, and educational website is something I feel every day in practice due to the hard work of Tony. His experience with Chiropractors and love of Chiropractic set him apart from the rest. When you’re serious about your web presence it’s time to give Tony a call"  ~Dr. Josh W.

"I have utilized a number of chiropractic website services , however, none have performed as well as my site with Tony and Chiro Website Pro. Patients routinely remark on how our website stands out compared to other sites.  More importantly, through his guidance and expertise he has helped our practice rise to the top of all the major search engines.  This has transformed our practice with a constant flow of new patients.  Thanks again Tony, you have been a blessing to me and my family."  ~ Dr. Jason K.

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