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Professional Speaker Biography

Tony Seymour
Chiropractic Marketing Expert and Inspirational Speaker


Tony Seymour is a highly sought-after professional speaker in the field of Chiropractic Marketing. With a passion for helping chiropractors maximize their online presence, Tony has become a trusted authority and an inspirational storyteller in the world of chiropractic marketing.

Chiropractic Website Pro Designer, Tony Seymour


Tony Seymour has a proven track record of delivering impactful presentations to thousands of chiropractors across the United States. His expertise in chiropractic marketing, specifically in website marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Google Ads marketing, has transformed the way chiropractic professionals approach their online strategies.

Notable Speaking Engagements:

Tony's impact as a speaker is evident through his engagements at major chiropractic events across the nation.


Some of the notable events and organizations where he has shared his insights and inspired chiropractors include:

Palmetto State Chiropractic Association: Tony has graced the stage at the Palmetto State Chiropractic Association, leaving a lasting impression on the chiropractic community in South Carolina.

ChiroPassion with Dr. Joe Borio: Tony has been a featured speaker at ChiroPassion mulitiple times, where he has empowered chiropractors with cutting-edge marketing strategies.

The Truth Event: Tony's presentations at The Truth Event have enlightened chiropractors about the essential truths of successful marketing in the chiropractic industry.

Influencing From the Front Master Class with Roberto Monaco: Tony has shared his expertise alongside influential speakers, helping chiropractors hone their marketing skills. (Charleston, SC 2020)

ACES with Dr. Amy & Dr. Bill Ormston: Tony Seymour has been a valued contributor to ACES, an organization led by Dr. Amy Hayek & Dr. Bill Ormston, where he has provided invaluable insights into chiropractic marketing.

National Presence:

Tony Seymour's reach extends across the United States, as he has delivered presentations in numerous cities, including Atlanta, GA, San Diego, CA, Kansas City, KS, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, TX, Orlando, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Key West, FL, Phoenix, AZ, Minneapolis, MN, Denver, CO, and many others. His nationwide impact on the chiropractic community is a testament to his expertise and dedication.

Inspiration Through Storytelling:

Beyond his technical knowledge, Tony is known for his exceptional storytelling ability, which engages and motivates audiences. He has a unique talent for making complex marketing concepts accessible through compelling narratives.

Contact Information:


Phone: 423.779.4630

Tony Seymour continues to be a driving force in the chiropractic marketing landscape, empowering chiropractors to thrive in the digital age and inspiring them to achieve their professional goals. With a charismatic presence and a wealth of knowledge, Tony Seymour is a speaker who leaves a lasting impact on every audience he addresses.

IFF Chiro Speaking Club

"Chiropractic philosophy is universal.  Anyone can speak on it!  Love the philosophy bombs being dropped by Tony Seymour who isn’t even a chiropractor!  Awesome speaker!"

~ Palmetto State Chiropractic Association

Chiropractic Website Designer, Chiropractic SEO Specialist
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